Chica’s Party World

Chica’s Party World

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Chica's Party World

Chica’s Party World is one of the top horror FNaF fan-games on Gamejolt. Play like a detective named Parker and try to explore the facts behind animatronics! Actually, you have been hired to investigate and unravel everything that happened in a dark local vintage restaurant. You are given a week to see what occurred. Meanwhile, the character you are responsible for had a mystery history with that location years ago.

Download Chica’s Party World and play the latest survival version your way for free! You’d better protect yourself anytime. It’s impossible for you to know when the next surprise will appear. You can be attacked and killed whenever. And, the scary enemy is good at lurking. Fnaf Chica’s Party World Gamejolt is regarded as a strategy remake of the original Chica’s Party World launched back in 2016. Like the previous part, you must prevent the foes from approaching your area. They will jump to scare and destroy you before you gather enough clues. Have fun!

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