Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

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Project: Alisa's Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace is a remake inspired by the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. Defend against animatronics and jumpscares! They are robotic characters that can roam throughout areas in the dark building. Moreover, they can break into your office and launch deadly jumps to cause the death of you after that. To become the winner and survive, you’d better stop them before they invade your room. The available devices should be managed carefully because they will consume power faster than expected. If it runs out too soon, you will be attacked quickly.

Download Fnaf Project: Alisa’s Funplace Gamejolt for free and you are joining a new version of Alisa’s Fun Place! It is the name of a location that will be opened near a popular park in America. The old one was closed in 1966 due to mysterious incidents related to scary animatronics. Come to Project: Alisa’s Funplace you can uncover more zones, upgraded robots, and so on. You are hired to watch over the destination for a while. If you stay alive, you will get $100. Good luck!

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