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In a free FNAF game online called FNAF: Final Purgatory, you will have a new chance to hone your skills through many creepy challenges. The game is built based on FNAF 1 unblocked. You are going to get through some nights trying to fight off all animatronic robots. You take a shift at night, from 12 AM to 6 AM, watching over a big building overrun by the robots that will start to roam rooms to rooms. While observing the building, you must use the cameras to check all corners of the restaurant to see where those robots are. They aim to get into your office, so do whatever it takes to stop them. If you let them in, you will be jumpscared and the game will be over. Try your best to close the doors in time, save your power and make use of the lights for your survival. Your goal is to complete your job and conquer this scary adventure. Play FNAF: Final Purgatory online now! Much fun!

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