NIGHTSTARS is a survival Five Nights at Freddy's fan-game with good features and a horror challenge. Download NIGHTSTARS and experience a short 1-night game!

Explore NIGHTSTARS in the new FNaF horror download available to fight against newer foes. They are weird mascots of the Nightstar Palace restaurant in your local.

Test skills in NIGHTSTARS and enjoy strange mechanics

Download NIGHTSTARS FNaF for free and you can embark on checking out current features. So, they are cutscenes, 1 Night, Custom Night and 1080p graphics, etc. Besides, you’ll take part in a fresh survival battle.

FNaF Nightstars Game
FNaF Nightstars Game

NIGHTSTARS is a game with an interesting task that you cannot expect

So, you are Jacob Williams who works at the local restaurant as a normal watchman. However, you oversleeps on your job. Then, you are locked inside the room that you rest. Now, you’re facing some trouble from animatronic characters.

And, to survive, it’s essential to prevent these evil roaming machines from getting you. Therefore, it’s also important to choose tools, for example, surveillance cameras, to make them ward off your space as fast as possible.

FNaF NIGHTSTARS is a free and playable Fnaf full game. Time to face-to-face animatronic enemies and use the most helpful tactics to defeat them!

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