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FIVE DAY’S AT FREDDY’S: FREDDY’S TANTRUM! is a brutal online game in which you will explore a horrific truth related to the CEO of the Fazbear Corporation named Mr. Richkok. He is very stingy and cheap. He has made a decision about the robots. He will scrap the new ones and recycle them at the metal factory to turn them into useful items. Meanwhile, the old robots will be kept. Also, like old Chica. He orders the security guard and clones to watch these characters for any suspicious activities. Toy Freddy feels very sad. He knows that his impending doom will be a hot one. There is an unexpected story occurred in this amazing FNAF game. Jeremy wants to burn Chica early. This makes Freddy angry and mad. And this is the reason why he attacks this man and kills other accomplices. Help this animatronics complete the battle, collect the weapons and use them. Additionally, protect him until you win.

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