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Be brave and ready for another creepy adventure in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 free online! The game is created by Scott Cawthon, and now you can enjoy this “no download” version online for free. In FNaF 3, the pizzeria has been closed down for nearly 30 years, everything here became nothing but some rumors and childhood memories. Now, the previous owners of this restaurant want to reopen this pizzeria in order to create a new place called The Fazbear Fright, as well as revive all the forgotten events that used to happen in the restaurant. As a new security guard working at night, you will have to deal with a creepy animatronic called Springtrap and this is such an intimidating animatronic. He has a terrible appearance and his jumpscare is so fierce and savage. He doesn’t like humans around his place, so of course you’re targeted by him. With the surveillance cameras, you need to use the wisely to check the movements of Springtrap. Stop him from entering your office, use your strategies and skills to beat all challenges and survive for 5 nights. Good luck!

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