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Flying Freddy – A FNAF Flash Game is free for you to play online. It tells the story of a famous character of the five nights. He is Freddy who is fed up of having to wander around the pizza restaurant to find the noise, catch the security guard and try to stuff him into the suit. He decides to travel around the outer space world alone. He can fly as a super animatronics. However, he stills need your help to move the end of the adventure. Flying Freddy – A FNAF Flash Game looks like Flappy Bird. If you have ever played this popular game, you will know how to conquer your FNAF game easily. Choosing the right time to embark on the challenge is pretty important. Next, you have to control this character wisely to avoid all of the blocks on the way. Also, the top and the bottom of the screen are very dangerous. Don’t crash into anything to survive for a long time! Have fun!

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