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FNAF:Story Mode is one of the most exciting FNAF fan games for you to play online without cost. At the beginning, you can talk to an animatronic bear named Freddy. He works at Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria to serve birthday parties. In this place, kids will have a great time to enjoy the delicious pizzas and entertain. Aside from this character, you can find out many robots like Chica Bonnie, and Foxy. All of them own the own area. Besides, the most popular and scariest robot, Golden Freddy also appears if you hit a “thing”. This “thing” in this FNAF game is not visible. So, you should press at random. You can’t imagine that you have become the new boss of Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria! In FNAF:Story Mode, you will use the Cupcake of Chica to interact with everything. Rooms will be arranged and put into two sides. You need to visit them except the kitchen to find the Easter Egg which can make you panic. It’s possible to ask and answer animatronics! Even, Freddy will let you press his nose. Let’s experience now!

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