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Welcome to the new FNAF online game, Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory -FNAF Character Creator! At this place, you can enter a secret place and play with Bonnie. He is waiting for you to create the most impressive and scariest jumpscares. With a lot of tools and items, this task will become much easier. As soon as you step into this amazing factory, you can see a system of FNAF Character Creator. It includes Custom Scream, Randomize, and Play Animation on the left-hand side. Besides, there are two modes on the right-hand side consisting of Quest and Surprise Modes. In the Quest Mode, you can level up if you collect enough EXP. Not only that, there are many parts of this animatronics at the bottom of the screen such as ears, arms, face, along with the eyes, mouth, etc. Just click at the position that you want and you can change them. Aside from that, scan the QR code located on the top screen to get to the mobile versions.

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