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FNAF Hungry Trash game is free for you to play online right now! In which, you will have a great chance to understand much more about animatronic robots in the horror FNAF game through feeding them. They are Chica, Foxy, and Toy Bonnie. Each of them will have not the same taste. For example, Chica really loves trash while Toy Bonnie will only eat recycle and Foxy would like to enjoy compost items. You can learn the first lesson as soon as you click to open this exciting FNAF game online. After you remember all of the food that they want, you can press the Play button to start. Everything will be placed on a carousel. they will be moved to a machine to be crushed. And, your mission is to pick and drag these objects to the correct character. If you are successful, you will receive the high score. Don’t waste anything! Good luck!

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