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FNAF Interactive Sleeping Foxy! game is the story of an adorable creature. It looks like a baby Foxy. And your mission in this time is to make him feel comfortable as long as possible. He is sleeping and lying on a pillow placed behind the curtain. What you need to do to complete the goal? It’s very easy! Firstly, you will put the cursor on the screen and you can see a white hand which shows you the position or the part of his body that you are allowed to touch. Just click and foxy will response by half opens his eyes. If he smiles and feels happy, you will win. In FNAF Interactive Sleeping Foxy!, there will be no any jumpscare or attack from the main character like other official FNAF games. Everything that you play can help you have another better thought. Why don’t you play and explore it right now? Hope you enjoyed!

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