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Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game is a great occasion for you to play online and check the own shooting ability for free. Release your anger and destroy all of the favorite animatronic animal characters in five nights right now! They can be Springtrap, Toy Bonnie, Foxy, etc. The mission will be started after you pick the mode that you love. There are two modes for you consisting of Survival and Endless. Move to the first room and you can embark on the challenge. Your task will end at 6 a.m. Try to stay alive as long as possible! Remember to reload and shoot accurately, too! Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game is cooler if you hit download on the right-hand side and view in the full screen. If you want to enjoy this FNAF game in mobile phones, you are allowed to scan the QR Code. Master the controls and you can act as a professional gunner! Good luck!

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