Springtrap Leek Spin!-FNAF Animation

Springtrap Leek Spin!-FNAF Animation is an online game for you to play without costs. It is based on FNAF game created and developed by Scott Cawthon. In which, Springtrap is the main character. He is also the true animatronics in FNAF 3. Your mission in the coming challenge is to stop the corruption which is happening inside the body of this robot although he looks happy and fresh. To do that, you need to interact with him constantly. If you are lazy or work wrong, he will be turned into a scary monster with heavy damages on his face and other parts. also, the onion that he is holding and spinning will become something terrible. Springtrap Leek Spin!-FNAF Animation is the exciting FNAF game when containing a small Easter Egg. Why don’t you play and explore the secret right now? Surely, you will get troubles if you want to win. Hope you enjoyed!

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