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Those Nights at Zanthers 4: Purge Nights game gives you two awesome story with a lot of new animatronics. The first story focuses on a character named Manglegirl4444. She was walking down the city and then she saw an ancient deserted building. She decided to go inside to explore this place. But she got stuck and couldn’t find the exit. Now, she has to stay there for four nights without being rescued by someone. You have to help her get past all dangers and survive until the end. The second story is also about her, but this time, she finally made a great escape from this building. While she was going home, she caught sight of something familiar from afar. You need to help her find out what it is and check out all mysteries. There will be new animatronics that disturb you a lot in those two stories, including Nightmare Zanthers, Nightmare Tayet, Ghost Luigi and Ghost Zach. Good luck!

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