Five Nights at Fang’s

Five Nights at Fang's is a creepy FNAF fangame in which you are a new guard. In Five Nights at Fang's download, you're going to fight newer monsters.

Five Nights at Fang’s game will happen in a dark and scary establishment, Fang and Friends Pizza Parlor. Additionally, it’s not a safe house for all kids or adults.

Five Nights at Fang’s is a fresh game inspired by FNAF

According to the breaking news, you will know that there were serious incidents that used to occur at that parlor. But, people also say that it’s going to reopen after its owner shut down it for a year.

Five Nights at Fang's Horror Game
Five Nights at Fang’s Horror Game

Besides, CEO Melchior Sepulveda announces that he and his team hope they can beat their competitors when they come back. And, that makes everybody in the town feels more interested.

Further, Five Nights at Fang’s the game also relates to an investigation

And, there is a tragedy that appeared in the parlor of the new FNaF download in the past. Moreover, that event revolves around some kids who suddenly diappeared. Meanwhile, there were a lot of trials and an important investigation for 5 months.

Can you discover the mystery about those children? Download Five Nights at Fang’s for free and embark on finding that truth!

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